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Keep your Lakkota pieces in its original boxes when not in use to keep dust away. This will also help to avoid abrasion with other jewellery pieces and keep the natural crystals unscratched. It is highly recommended to store your pieces in a cool dry place.

Bead embroidered pieces are delicate as they are made with glass beads and natural gemstones that can break if dropped on the floor. Please handle and treat them with care.

Be mindful to remove your Lakkota pieces prior to hand washing, showering or swimming. This is a vital preventive measure to ensure longer-lasting wear of your beloved jewellery items. Do not wear lotion around your neck or wrists when wearing costume jewelry for the same reasons listed above as it could ruin the finish on the necklaces/bracelets. Your jewellery should always be put on last and taken off first while dressing to avoid chemicals such as, perfumes, deodorants, hair spray, household cleaning fluids, make-up and other cosmetics.

Bracelets, chokers and bags can be wiped with a soft damp white cloth and left to dry indoors. Please ensure that items dry thoroughly because the moisture will cause your jewels to deteriorate. Never leave pieces with natural crystals in the sun as this can affect their composition and colouring and cause the gemstones to fade. Avoid using any abrasive jewelry cleaners products such as acid, alcohol, ammonia and vinegar as these can rust and damage your jewelry.


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